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Creative Destruction- Enhance your knowledge

The resources are the best things about every game. As per in Creative Destruction many essential resources are available. It’s tough to earn the resources, but some ways make it possible. Here we can talk about those critical recourses. If you want detail about those recourses, then focus on the article.

  1. Weapons-

The weapons are the best and number one resources in the game. It is useful to kill your enemies in one shot. You can also update the guns with the help of coins. Various kinds of weapons are available to improve your winning chances. As you’re your level increase you’re the weapons are also unlocked automatically. The types of weapons are the following.

  1. Pistol
  2. Shot Gun
  3. Submachine Gun
  4. Assault Rifle
  5. Sniper Rifle and others


  1. Skills-

It all depends on your performance. It means if your skill increase then your player performance automatically increases. You can also upgrade the skills and improve the winning chances or beat the enemies fast.

  1. Currencies-

Without the coins, you cannot play the game. We can also say that for playing the game, the currencies are must require from Creative Destruction Hack. Via the currencies, you are able to update the weapons, skills, unlock the guns and lots of things. Always buy the essential things in it and not spend money on useless things. It is very hard to obtain so always use and invest the inessential currencies way.

  1. Shield-

It is the power of avatar means when your power lows then you lose the missions. Collect the shield on the map and buy it from the store. With the help of coins and real money, you can buy it. Many value packs are available in the store. Select the pack as per your requirement and pay the fixed amount.

 All the basics Westworld Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Westworld from Warner Bros is trending around where it has numerous loving things making it advantageous to play. From features to gameplay, everything is well planned, and developers focus on coming up with advanced gameplay, so this is in front of you. On the other hand, the connectivity of this game to a famous TV show also increases the popularity. However, the developers are offering a currency which will help you in the entire game.


Westworld is free to play Android and iOS game which will offer you a number of advanced features. The gameplay is pretty much impressive along with interactive features and realistic gameplay. The design, graphics, and method to play this game are really easy. There is also a tutorial offered by the developers to help you out learning all. However, currency is the biggest issue where in-app purchases will be forcing you to spend real money. Instead of heading over to the use of real money, you can try out this guide and learn the basics.

Don’t try unauthenticated methods

Plenty of websites are available online offering the option to obtain the required amount of in-game currencies free of cost with Westworld Hack. But, none of them is real, and the chances of getting into issues are higher lately. In order to avoid such things, one can easily rely on the game instead of third-party options You can end up getting banned by preferring cheats and hacks. Using mod Apk will be risky because you can face issues due to viruses and all.

Getting New Hosts

The hosts are responsible for progress, and these are taking you to the next level. Not all the gamers can manage it well, but you should focus on it. You may know that one can have many hosts, but lately, you will be merging them to get more. It happens due to the limit of keeping hosts in Westworld. Even you should focus on the rarity of the host which can be increased by increasing the stars. If you are willing to rank up, then you can get three to four stars with ease. It is quite a reliable option.

Are there any glitches

The burning question about the game is with glitches, and most of the people ask it. Many gamers may have found it in the beginning and if you haven’t then let’s introduced with easy ones. When hosts perform an action and die before 50% or equal to it, then they can help you get restored to 100%. Their relevant stats will be added, and it is very helpful to get rid of every issue and going well in the game.


Westworld is not a hard game, but it is hard to learn due to unique gameplay. Everything is different from a simple game, and most of the gamers can easily find that playing Westworld means learning new stuff. Don’t worry and try it out now and make sure that you follow all the tutorials also.


Some helpful tips and tricks of Pixel Gun 3D

Some helpful tips and tricks of Pixel Gun 3D

You have to need additional coins in order to survive in pixel gun 3d.having unlimited points assist you to update weapons with the latest advance new features and another one is to depict advance player. The third one is to spend such currencies on to purchase latest rifles, having Pixel Gun 3d Hack play a tremendous role in order to win more levels.

Don’t try to use helmets, always use armor in the chest which might help you. Some latest tips and trick is very useful all around the world. Having these guidelines will help you to learn more helpful aspects in pixel gun 3D.

Get some experience

In coop parkour city, when you are interested to hire some red team players, try to construct in your camp. It would be a risk when you are playing in a blue team and try to leave it. a staircase available in the mafia mansion which might be achieved by reaching into half body. When you reach into the home and complete such obstacles in it. Getting a pair of stairs will assist you to reach highest heights. This tricks only work on some blasters and launchers with other things.

Don’t count and earn more

After going to battle don’t count your enemies just take your arms and kill them. the fact is that if you are winning with highest team score you will always be rewarded with 5 points and 25 exp. Putting effort on the first chapter will create a worthy image on pixel gun 3d and see some important event dates and claim some resources or abuse them with a lot of messages.

Free coins

After opening the menu click on free coin button and post your scores on the social networking websites such as Facebook and twitters other popular ones. They will offer you frustrating notifications with a lot of offers, therefore set privacy to only me or use the unofficial account.

Special training

With the help of professional training sessions, you will introduce with three pets in complicated battle. It would be better to exchange eggs some with olds, fighting in the champion’s league which will provide you special prize with golden ones. After starting level don’t search for weapons, after getting 3 stars and as much as XP from complicated levels will help you to reach to fifth levels.

Episode choose your story- some beneficial details for beginners

Episode choose your story- some beneficial details for beginners

There are tons of games available in the app store where you can play every type of game. Well, in 2018 episode choose your story if a top downloaded game which comes with unique gameplay. It is very easy to play this game which comes with certain options and developed and designed by episode interactive. More than millions of people have downloaded these game from Google play and app store. Currency and gems are an important thing to play a story. If you are not doing well in stories then it is quite hard to reach next stages. Let’s discuss some basic details which might help every user in terms of income and progress.

Is it easy to get an extra pass?

Having a pass will increase your chances to attend events and other places. If you are earning higher amount of then you will able to make progress. Whenever you login into the game they will give you three extra passes as well you can get one pass within 24 hours. Earning extra passes might help you to enhance the options of excellent gaming and give you other benefits. It is so easy with daily login even if you are playing a fraction of minutes. By getting Episode Cheats 2018 would be complicated in the beginning but it is the only method to earn.

Other tips to play beautiful stories

Every part of this game decided by the user, it completely depends on them. Always try to make perfect decisions otherwise you will face many complicated issues. It plays an important role when you are passing from drama to fantasy. Well, there are other apps which provide you some precautions before making any decisions.

Other websites

There are a huge amount of websites available on the internet who offers you tons of passes and currencies without charging any money. It would be a risky task for every user, so try to choose basic tips which can be easy and reliable.

Cliffhanger point

You will reach the stage that would be so interesting that you do not have any passes. Developers offer you to spend money on it but you should avoid these frustrating things. After certain stages game becomes less interesting because you have to play someone else on stage.  You should take own decision and remove these complicated problems from games.

Wait and get

Passes is the vital part of it which can allocate by certain methods but if you do not want to face any complicated problem then you have to wait few hours. They will give you automatically after midnight without spending any single penny. When it deposits in your account then you can create beautiful stories.


It is an innovative game with unique concept and features, after the downloading of game. it tracks your location and gives you the story as per location. We can’t overlook the game quality because of this millions of users are playing every day.