All the basics Westworld Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Westworld from Warner Bros is trending around where it has numerous loving things making it advantageous to play. From features to gameplay, everything is well planned, and developers focus on coming up with advanced gameplay, so this is in front of you. On the other hand, the connectivity of this game to a famous TV show also increases the popularity. However, the developers are offering a currency which will help you in the entire game.


Westworld is free to play Android and iOS game which will offer you a number of advanced features. The gameplay is pretty much impressive along with interactive features and realistic gameplay. The design, graphics, and method to play this game are really easy. There is also a tutorial offered by the developers to help you out learning all. However, currency is the biggest issue where in-app purchases will be forcing you to spend real money. Instead of heading over to the use of real money, you can try out this guide and learn the basics.

Don’t try unauthenticated methods

Plenty of websites are available online offering the option to obtain the required amount of in-game currencies free of cost with Westworld Hack. But, none of them is real, and the chances of getting into issues are higher lately. In order to avoid such things, one can easily rely on the game instead of third-party options You can end up getting banned by preferring cheats and hacks. Using mod Apk will be risky because you can face issues due to viruses and all.

Getting New Hosts

The hosts are responsible for progress, and these are taking you to the next level. Not all the gamers can manage it well, but you should focus on it. You may know that one can have many hosts, but lately, you will be merging them to get more. It happens due to the limit of keeping hosts in Westworld. Even you should focus on the rarity of the host which can be increased by increasing the stars. If you are willing to rank up, then you can get three to four stars with ease. It is quite a reliable option.

Are there any glitches

The burning question about the game is with glitches, and most of the people ask it. Many gamers may have found it in the beginning and if you haven’t then let’s introduced with easy ones. When hosts perform an action and die before 50% or equal to it, then they can help you get restored to 100%. Their relevant stats will be added, and it is very helpful to get rid of every issue and going well in the game.


Westworld is not a hard game, but it is hard to learn due to unique gameplay. Everything is different from a simple game, and most of the gamers can easily find that playing Westworld means learning new stuff. Don’t worry and try it out now and make sure that you follow all the tutorials also.