Making tasty food right at home


Food is a huge part of our life. We never remember that it is just to give us energy and keep our body running. Most of us are quite foodies, and we love to taste good food almost all the times. Due to the advent of Instagram and new pop-up restaurants, it is quite easy for a person to experience food that is tasty and heart-warming. Often people choose restaurant food instead of cooking food at their home as the tradition was a few years ago. Still, in this day and age, we have to consider cooking food at home to make it healthy and also free from all the additives that are added by restaurants and food producers to make it tasty.

How food becomes tasty in our brain?

We love our food, and it often includes the working of a hormone called ghrelin which makes the food appear tasty to us. It is produced in our gut and is related to increase our appetite. The hormone makes the food look tasty to us and also makes our brains remember the tasty food. This is why it is important to make your food look good so that your brain may like it. The hormone in increased level can lead to problems such as obesity which is quite widespread these days in countries like the USA and UK. The hormone connects to a part of the brain that also works on addiction, and that is the reason people are addicted to tasty food. So, scientists are trying to make people understand to stop opening so many restaurants containing unhealthy food.